Ecuador Soccer Bracelet by Swannys

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  • BRAIDED WITH SOCCER SHOELACE. We take shoe lace and braid it together with other team colors to make our fantastic Swannys sports braid.
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED - You will love the soft, handmade feel and made in the USA quality every time you wear Swannys Soccer Nations bracelets or you are welcome to return them, no questions asked.
  • MATCHING SOCCER NECKLACES and LANYARDS. Checkout our Soccer Nations page to view our other items.
  • DURABLE AND WASHABLE. All of Swannys products have been assembled in the USA since 2008! We take the highest quality material and assemble them in our manufacturing facility in Minnesota, USA. We take extreme care in every product we make and inspect every item before shipping it to customers. If there is ever a problem with your Swannys, please feel free to return or exchange your item for no charge.
  • MADE WITH SAFETY RELEASE PLASTIC BUCKLE. Our bracelets are woven together in tight but flexible shoe lace braid. Connected by a safety release buckle that will snap apart if too much tension is applied. 3 different sizes to choose from.
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